Knomi end user terms

Welcome to Knomi! These terms and conditions set out your rights and obligations with respect to the Knomi service (“the Service”) and describe how your personal data is used in the Service, so please take the time to review them carefully.

The Service is offered to you by knomi oy, a limited liability company incorporated and existing under the laws of Finland, business identity code 2527123-7, whose registered office is at Fredrikinkatu 34, 00100 Helsinki, Finland (”Knomi” or ”we”). Use of the Service constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions which creates a legally binding agreement between you and Knomi. By accepting these terms, you consent to your personal data being processed as described below, so please take the time to review them carefully.

  1. How is the service used?

    1. Knomi allows you to browse, and in some instances buy, inspiring fashion-related products. These products are curated and collected by the Knomi community of users, and as such you are also encouraged to interact with products by collecting and sharing them with others.

    2. The Service contains links to third party sites. Knomi is not responsible for the privacy policies and/or practices on such other sites and these terms and conditions are only applicable to information and activity on Knomi (the Service). As an example, when you purchase products, you are re-directed to a third party retailer's webpage that Knomi has no control over.

    3. In order to use the Service you must create an account in the Service (your “Knomi Account”) and install an app (“the App”) on your mobile device. The App is part of the overall Service.

    4. The Service is only available to those over fifteen (15) years of age. If you are younger, you may not use the Service.

    5. You can enter information about yourself into your Knomi Account (i.e., the Service) by you using a mobile application or other interface provided by Knomi to enter the information. Some other information may also be recorded as described below.

    6. The Service contains location-based features. Once you have installed the App onto your mobile device, as an example the Service may inform you about a certain product being available in a store close to you, or may inform you that you are close to a store that may be of interest to you. Other similar location-based features may also be applicable. In order to provide this aspect of the Service, the fact that you have entered certain premises may be recorded in the Service.

    7. The location-based features are enabled on an opt-in basis and you will be asked for permission to use your location before any location-based features are enabled. If you wish to stop using the App’s location-based features you can disable them in Settings of your iPhone.

  2. What are your obligations?

    1. You consent to information stored in your Knomi Account being stored and processed in accordance with these terms and conditions. You have the right to withdraw this consent at any time without any specific reason by deleting your Knomi Account.

    2. You agree to only enter true and accurate information into the Service, e.g., when registering your Knomi Account.

    3. You agree to only use the Service using your personal Knomi Account. Using or otherwise accessing another users account without his or her permission is strictly prohibited!

    4. You agree that you will not attempt to abuse, hinder, overload, hack or otherwise disrupt the proper functioning of the Service.

    5. You agree to not enter any illegal materials (including materials that infringe on third-party intellectual property rights) into the Service. You also agree not to enter any obscene, racist, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate information into the Service.

    6. If Knomi at any time at its sole discretion determines that you have violated your obligations above, Knomi may elect to delete your Knomi Account and/or to ban you from the Service without any separate notice thereof.

  3. What information about you does Knomi store?

    Information you give Knomi: We may collect and store any information that you enter in the Service or provide Knomi in any other way. This includes but is not limited to:

    1. Information you provide when registering for a Knomi account, or in your profile and account settings, including your name, username, email address, bio text, website URL and links to your social media accounts.

    2. Information you may provide Knomi through other social media or comparable services.

    3. Information relating to purchases and "buy clicks", purchases and abandoned purchases.

    4. Information based on your use of any other features of the Service.

    Information collected automatically: Knomi receives and stores certain types of information whenever you interact with the Service. Knomi automatically collects usage information, such as the numbers and frequency of visitors to our Service and its components. This can in certain cases include location based information namely visitor numbers to partnering stores. Knomi only uses this type of automatically collected data in aggregate form, not in a manner that would identify you individually.

    Please also note that the Service contains links to third party sites and Knomi is not responsible for the practices on such other sites.

  4. What does Knomi do with information about you and for what purposes?

    1. The main purpose of collecting information is to operate and improve the Service for you.

    2. Automatically collected data is primarily used to figure out how often parts of the Service or its content are use or viewed, which is mighty handy when Knomi develops and improves the Service and its contents for you. We may share this type of statistical information with our partners to help them improve the content shown in Knomi, as well as for certain marketing purposes. Knomi never shares data that would identify you personally with any third parties.

    3. Knomi may also use the information about you stored in your Knomi Account to conduct market research, and to send you targeted information that Knomi believes may interest you.

    4. Personal information about you will not be sold or passed on by Knomi to any third parties.

    5. Information about you stored in your Knomi Account may, however, in an aggregated and anonymised manner, be shared with third parties. As an example, such information can be shared in the following form:"10,000 people have viewed product ABC and 100 of these collected that product", or “700 Knomi customers visited stores in neighbourhood ABC last week”.

    6. For the very unlikely case any government will ask Knomi for information about you, we will inform you about this, unless prohibited by law. In addition, unless the law requires us to, we will not provide any information about you to any government (or any other third party, for that matter).

    7. Please also note that the Service contains links to third party sites and Knomi is not responsible for the practices on such other sites.

  5. How is information about you stored?

    1. Information about you will be stored in the Service as part of your Knomi Account. The Service is provided from servers located in the European Union. Knomi does not store or otherwise transfer your data outside the European Union.

    2. Since the product information on the Service is provided by third parties, Knomi in no way warrants or otherwise assumes any responsibility for the product information being true or accurate. If you intend to purchase an item shown in Knomi, you should always keep in mind that the transaction is between you and a third party, and you should hence take any necessary steps to ensure the reliability of that third party. Knomi also cannot accept responsibility for the information in your Knomi Account not being destroyed.

    3. Knomi may from time to time also have to make changes to the information in your Knomi Account as this may be necessary in order to upgrade the system or for similar reasons.

    4. Knomi may also completely delete information from your Knomi Account if Knomi at its sole discretion determines that the information is in breach of these terms and conditions or that there otherwise is a need to delete the information.

  6. How is the security of information about you ensured?

    1. Knomi uses reasonable efforts to ensure that no third party gains unauthorised access to information about you. Accessing any information about you requires a username and password. If any information about you were to be printed out (we think this is unlikely to ever happen), the hardcopies will be stored in locked premises.

  7. What happens to my information when I leave the service?

    1. You may at any time elect to leave the Service by deleting your Knomi Account by contacting Knomi using the below contact information. When you have left the Service, Knomi will remove your name, picture, address and all similar personal information that Knomi may hold. Knomi does however reserve the right to retain anonymised data from your usage of the service. The anonymised data is retained for, e.g., statistical and analytical purposes. As an example, you leaving the Service will not result in a reduction in past total customer interaction numbers. However, the identity of you as a past user will be completely removed.

    2. Please also note that since Knomi backs up its data, Knomi may retain your data in personally identifiable form on backup tapes (or similar media) for a reasonable time after you have left the Service. Such data will be deleted after a while as part of normal backup rotation procedures.

  8. What is Knomi not responsible for?

    1. While Knomi of course reasonably tries to keep the Service available at all times and as error-free as reasonably possible, it does not promise that the Service will be available without interruption or free of errors. The Service is provided on a pure “as is” basis. To the extent permitted by applicable mandatory law, Knomi specifically disclaims all warranties, whether express or implied, as to merchantability, non-infringement, or fitness for any purpose, general or particular.

    2. Knomi also cannot accept responsibility for the conduct of third parties. Accordingly, Knomi, to the extent permitted by applicable mandatory law, specifically disclaims all responsibility for any third-parties, and their conduct.

    3. Knomi will not for any reason be liable for any damage or loss that may arise from the loss or destruction of information in your Knomi Account.

    4. Knomi is not liable for any indirect or consequential damages. Knomi’s total aggregate monetary liability in connection to the agreement between you and Knomi shall not exceed EUR 5. These limitations do not apply to any damage or loss that Knomi causes by wilful misconduct or through gross negligence.

    5. Please do note that your rights under local law in respect of the above may differ depending on the jurisdiction where you live.

  9. What are my rights as regards information about me?

    1. Knomi guarantees you the following with respect to information about you stored in your Knomi Account. At your discretion, you are entitled to:

      1. Ask Knomi and its partners to stop sending you electronic or direct advertising (we normally do not anyway).

      2. Inspect the information stored in your Knomi Account.

      3. Ask that any information in your Knomi Account that you believe is inaccurate, unnecessary, incomplete, or outdated to be corrected, removed or amended.

    2. Depending on your local laws, you may also have further rights. If you wish to exercise your rights above, please contact Knomi using the contact details provided below.

  10. What changes to the service can be made?

    1. Knomi reserves the right to freely make any changes to the Service, the App, or any other component of the Service it sees fit. Knomi also reserves the right to completely stop providing the Service or any part thereof.

  11. Who owns the service and its contents?

    1. Knomi or its licensors own all intellectual property rights in the Service, its components, its contents, as well as all trade marks presented in connection to the Service.

    2. By adding any information to your Knomi Account or by providing any information to a third party through the Service, you grant Knomi a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to the information (including any IP rights therein).

  12. How can the agreement be terminated or changed?

    1. Both you and Knomi may at any time elect to terminate the agreement by providing notice to the other party. If the agreement is terminated, you no longer are authorised to use the Service or any of its components.

    2. You may instead elect to stop using the Service simply by deleting your Knomi Account.

    3. Knomi may from time to time make changes to these terms and conditions. If it decides to change these terms, Knomi will send you the revised terms and conditions per email or by some other means (such as publishing them on Knomi's website) prior to the changes coming into effect. By using the Service after the new terms have come into effect you indicate your acceptance of the revised terms.

  13. Can the agreement be transferred to a third party?

    1. Since a Knomi Account is always personal you may not assign or otherwise transfer the agreement between you and Knomi to a third party.

    2. Knomi may, however, assign this agreement to a third party as part of a transfer or its relevant business. So if Knomi sells it relevant business to a third party, that third party can replace Knomi as party to the agreement. In those cases, however, the new party will always be bound to the full terms of the agreement.

  14. What law applies?

    1. Your use of the Service and the agreement between you and Knomi is governed by the laws of Finland without giving effect to any rules or principles on the conflict of laws.

  15. How can I get in touch with Knomi?

    1. Should you have any questions or if your want to exercise your rights under data protection laws, please feel free to contact us:

      knomi Oy
      Fredrikinkatu 34 A 10
      00100 Helsinki