Dear KNOMI readers,

Summer is finally upon us. It is the time when we can leave our homes and offices and head to a park, savor a beer outside of a pub or lay in the garden and soak in all the sun that we possibly can. 

Although as we all know, the weather in London can be unpredictable, so for guaranteed sunshine head over to one (or more if you're lucky) of our favorite European destinations this season to celebrate the summer solstice. 

Whether you're planning a beach break or a city escape, we've made a selection of what you should pack to look fabulously perfect for those panoramic pictures you'll want to be posting on Instagram. 

Here are our 4 favorite summer 2017 destinations and what you should pack.


What to pack 

South of France

What to pack

Amalfi Coast

What to pack


What to pack

With Love,

The KNOMI team