Dear KNOMI readers, 

The world class alternative flower show is back, this year for its 12th anniversary. Didn't manage to get tickets for the flower show? Not a problem. From the 22nd to the 27th of May, the streets of Chelsea will be transformed with beautiful floral displays, while retailers, restaurants and hotels compete by adorning themselves with creative designs. This year's theme, inspired by adventure, discovery and exotic animals, is 'Floral Safari'.

If you're planning on adventuring around the streets of London's most exclusive district during this exciting time, we've thought of the perfect outfits for the occasion. Whether you're visiting straight after work or on a day that you've got all to yourself, here's some suggestions on what to wear to enjoy this event in style while also staying comfortable. 

If it's your day off and you're determined to stay comfy but don't want to compromise style, opt for some casual jeans paired up with a chic top to elevate the look. Sliders and a small bag to store your precious belongings that you can't leave the house without. No need for large bags, not carrying any work around today. 

Got work but still don't want to miss out on this event? A perfect outfit that can take you from work to free time is one that you can feel comfortable in while looking sharp at the same time. You'll definitely need a pair of comfortable shoes if you're going to strolling around Chelsea admiring the work from all the contestants taking part in the flower show. Opt for a large day bag that can fit everything you'll need at work plus some space for any flowers you might pick here and there. 

Have you woken up feeling girly but want to add a little edge? Opt for a summery dress paired with combat booties. Throw on a pair of sunglasses and start exploring Chelsea in all its beauty when it's adorned in flowers. 

Which out of these three do you think you would most go for?


With love,

The KNOMI team